27 March 2019

"Flattering service works wonders and so does the food"

Huge thanks to David Sexton for this wonderful write up of No. Fifty Cheyne in the Evening Standard!

David Sexton for the Evening Standard:

"Don’t know if you’ve noticed? Flattery works. It’s agreeable to receive, however broadly it’s supplied. We might be head-shakingly in accord with La Rochefoucauld, that flattery is false money that would have no currency but for our vanity, but still, it’s a treat, isn’t it? Excellent choice, sir!

No Fifty Cheyne, which opened on Monday, is a complete makeover of what used to be the Cheyne Walk Brasserie, originally created in 2004 by the formidable impresario and entrepreneur Sally Greene, also the founder-director of the Old Vic Theatre and the proprietor of Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club, who herself lives in Cheyne Walk. It’s taken nine months and it has clearly been carried out with high ambition and great meticulousness."

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